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On the hunt for a new website provider

I went in a couple of business courses earlier this about improving websites and SEO which I found extremely useful but also a little disconcerting, in that they highlighted how many issues we still wanted to resolve. Our ecommerce website – www.comacodirect.com has now been running for 5 years. At the time our choice of provider seemed an appropriate one but 5 years is a long time… Also if I’m being brutally honest it has never quite delivered the results we had hoped for. The majority of our sales still come via other online sales platforms.


The Comaco Toys website as of early August 2014

So what do want a revamped site to do? Well we need fast download speeds for a start, our current provider is steady but slower than average. We would like the facility to export our listings to other sales platforms, currently this is all done manually and it is a time consuming task! We would like the facility to be able to write meta tags for all pages on the site; we need a responsive design which will adjust for mobiles and ipads; and we want an integrated blog so that this one can be quietly retired.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need to find a provider who will give us the maximum confidence that the site will have improved SEO and better sales will follow. A tall order? Possibly. Obviously the content of the site is ours, but this can only get us so far if the design is not up to spec.

And where do we find this miraculous provider? I don’t know yet. Magento has certainly been mentioned to me more than once and I am hoping to get some further advice through the Highlands and Islands Digital Health Check for businesses, although they haven’t replied to me yet. Clearly though it is something that needs to be up and running by October for the run up to Christmas.

Watch this space!



Fisher-Price Wooden Toys at Comaco Direct

The last 6 months or so has seen Comaco begin to stock all kinds of branded toys which we had not considered previously. Hello Kitty, Lego Storage, Nerf and MegaBloks have all been doing well. However we are especially pleased to have a selection of great wooden learning toys from Fisher-Price.

All these toys are suitable for ages from 12 months or 24 months plus. They range from simple, fun, ergonomically designed pull along animal figures, to a selection of educational games which develop problem solving, memory and fine motor skills.

The toys have fun animal themes in bold attractive primary colours. In addition they come boxed to ensure that the gift of one of these toys will be a treat to be remembered! Check out the full range of Fisher-Price Toys at Comaco Toys Direct.

Fisher Price Wooden Zebra on Wheels Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Wooden Zebra on Wheels

Fisher Price Wooden Lion on Wheels Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Wooden Lion on Wheels

Fisher Price Wooden Crocodile on Wheels Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Wooden Crocodile on Wheels

Fisher Price Animal Tower Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Animal Tower: Have fun stacking the 6 colourful wooden animals.

Fisher Price Balance Stacker: Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Balance Stacker: Build up the two monkeys correctly to make them balance.

Fisher Price Animal Memory Game Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Animal Memory Game: Memory matching game puzzle which contains 6 cards and 24 blocks.


Fisher Price Animal Dominoes Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Animal Dominoes: My first animal dominoes have 28 pieces.

Fisher Price Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Wooden Pyramid Puzzle: Fit the four blocks together correctly and complete the colourful animal pictures on each side of the pyramid.

Fisher Price Shape Sorter Comaco Toys Direct

Fisher Price Shape Sorter: Each Block has several different sides featuring letters, numbers, shapes and colours. A great learning toy for toddlers!

Fun Time Toys at Comaco

Just a short post this week to tell you about some great toys for younger children new in stock at Comaco.

First there is the Push along Shape Sorter Bus. This comes with a selection of brightly coloured shapes to sort through the correct holes in the bus.


Also we have Spinning Popping Pals. Just press gently down on the button and watch the colourful balls spin and pop.


Both toys are suitable for children as young as 12 months, and are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours!