Toymaster Show Harrogate 2016

These are exciting times for Comaco Toys. We have more suppliers, more lines and more stock than ever before in our history. A couple of weeks saw me heading south to Harrogate for our first visit to the Toymaster show at the Majestic Hotel.

After experiencing the less subtle delights of the London Toy Fair and NEC Spring Show, it was something a relief to find that this was a slightly lower key and less formal event. This is largely due to it being a trade only fair with only fairly limited stand space for the exhibitors.


The venue for the Toymaster show

After a long drive from the north of Scotland, I arrived early afternoon and gave myself a good hour or two to recaffeinate and aclimatise. My pre-booked appointments were all for the following day, so the afternoon was free to browse and explore.

Mutant Ninja Turtles were on display at GP Flair, as well as Shopkins – currently a big seller. Teletubbies (which I once wrote a dissertation on) were making a reappearance at a couple of stands, and Paw Patrol and Angry Birds also had a definite presence. Super Hero Girls looked the business at Mattel.

H Grossman had a range Of Ghostbusters tie ins to come out later in the year, and I had already earmarked Posh Paws Ltd with its range of movie related plush toys. A little different was Stikbot from Brainstorm: fun figures with suction arms and feet who are designed to make simple stop motion animation using a mobile phone app.


Turtles at GP Flair


Super Hero Girls at Mattel


Stikbot is meant to be big. The green screen studio set is forthcoming.


Star Wars plush toys from Posh Paws, shortly to be stocked at Comaco


The Marvel range from Posh Paws – also in its way into stock


A Finding Dory toy from Posh Paws; another forthcoming addition to our range.

The following morning I had a number of useful meetings with current suppliers Papo, Schleich, Peterkin, Padgett, Grossman and HTI. All had show deals on that we took full advantage of. In addition new orders were placed with Casdon -with their range of domestic role items, Posh Paws and Character Options.

Character’s new Weebles Peppa Pig range is definitely going to be of interest, but in the meantime we have already received stock of Weebledown Farm, Minecraft and Doctor Who figures. From H Grossman we have a selection of scooters and Minions/ Despicable Me related outdoor items are on their way. Whilst we were particularly excited about some of the new dinosaur figures from Schleich. Check out the Dunkleosteus below!



Doctor Who Time Squad figures


We got a couple of these displays from Papo. Check out the full range


The Dunkleosteus from Schleich. Cant wait to get these in!


Minions Tents. Due in stock shortly.

Ozbozz Cosmic Flasher Scooter – available in blue or pink


Brookite Skybird kite from Peterkin, new in for the summer

So a very busy and successful trip – I just hope we can find enough space in the warehouse! After all that a little garden therapy was called for, at Harlow Carr in Harrogate:


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