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Jurassic World and more Schleich Dinosaur figures!

jurassic worldJurassic World is now open in cinemas and, since everyone is going dinosaur mad, we have a new consignment of detailed toy figures from Schleich in stock (see our full range of dinosaurs at Comaco Toys).

We have replenished our supplies of the Classic T Rex, Carnotaurus and other favourites featured in our last blog post. However we also have no less than nine other new creatures now in: an alternative T rex, two different Velociraptors, a long necked Apatosaurus, an armoured Saichania, a winged Quetzalcoatlus, a sturdy Triceratops, the bizarre sloth-like Therinzinosaurus and the terrifying Spinosaurus. More than enough species to populate your very own Jurassic Park!

Watch out too for multi figure Megasaur sets on their way into stock from H Grossman.

A scene from Jurassic World

A scene from Jurassic World

Intex Summer Swimming Inflatables

It is very nearly midsummer, although you might not know it from some of the very cool weather we have been experiencing in the UK. Anyway, holiday season is almost upon us and Comaco Toys has acquired a great selection of inflatables from Intex. These are perfect for the beach, pool, or even paddling pool in the garden. They are also cunningly priced so as to not make much of a dent in the holiday budget, and have the added advantage of all being small and light weight when not inflated.

The range includes full size air mats or lilos in a choice of three colours. There are also pool noodles or tubes which come with two per pack, again in a choice of colours. We also have Neon frost tubes; jumbo sized swim rings in orange, green or magenta.

The large 61 cm aquarium beach ball boasts a fantastic design. When the ball is inflated it contains a 3D tropical fish – your very own aquarium. The colour choice this time is pink or blue.

Finally we have 3 products with Disney Planes designs. The arm bands are suitable for children aged 3 to 6, between 18 and 30 kg. Plus we also have generously sizd beach balls and swim rings.

To check out our full selection of outdoor leisure items, go to our Summer Fun section on the Comaco Toys website.