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Hi all.

Many apologies for 6 months without a post. That really is pretty awful.

Earlier this month I attended the Toymaster fair in Harrogate where it was good to hook up with many of our suppliers once again. We now have lots of new stock flooding in so expect a flurry of new posts on these in the near future.

Some friends from Toymaster 2017

Firstly a quick mention of the current craze everyone is talking about – fidget spinners. You will probably be aware that they come in all shapes and sizes. Ours are fairly basic in design, but are heavy and very good spinners with a nice smooth action. Check them out here.

Secondly, here is a tip for other Ebay sellers out there. We signed up with Auctiva some years ago, who provided free rolling banners on our Ebay listings displaying other items in our Ebay shop. Unfortunately the html used in the past to generate these – active content- is now outdated since it is not mobile friendly. Ebay have recently announced they will disable all active content in June. Unfortunately this means nice rolling banners and the like will be replaced with a string of unattractive web code. See Ebay’s page on this.

It is quite easy to look up what the offending code is in each listing. However, if you have 200 plus listings the thought of going through all of these individually is quite daunting. I got on to Auctiva’s site where I discovered they are now rolling out Ebay compliant code, however to address the problem on existing listings (at least in the required timeframe) you would need to opt for one of their paid plans.

A little homework however soon led me to a free online tool at, see the full instructions here. All you have to do is enter your seller name and let the bulk tool find all your listings. You can then scan them and get the tool to generate new descriptions for your items minus the offending content. Follow the instructions to download the ammended data (I also downloaded an unaltered set as well just in case) and sign up to Ebay’s file exchange programme to upload them to Ebay.

The upshot? Within a few minutes hundreds of active content free listings without either hours of frustrating html crunching or the need to pay a cent.

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