Papo Knight Figures at Comaco Toys Direct

A big new order from high quality figure designer Papo has now arrived in stock at Comaco, and I must say it looks great. Our last blog post was on the Dinosaurs, so this time were going to concentrate on Knights in armour from the Medieval Era Range.

We have five different boxed gift sets available. Each contains two knights on horseback with a variety of different weapons and designs:

39185  Knights Display Box 39185

80601  Knights Display Box 80601

80600  Knights Display Box 80600

39750  Knights Display Box 39750

39751  Knights Display Box 39751

In addition to these great sets we also have a couple of fantastic accessories:

39932  Catapault / Arrow Launcher

60502  Medieval Castle Playmat 

The Catapault / Arrow launcher really fires (safe) balls and arrows. Meanwhile the large, heavy duty Playmat comes in its own carry case and measures 95 x 133 cm. It weighs in at nearly 1.5 kg!

These are superb quality toys which give many many hours of play – why not start your collection today! Check out all our Papo Knight Figures.

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  3. Wow! I just loved the Les Chevaliers Knights in Red. Thanks for the images and the valuable information. I am looking forward at having them.

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